Ahlan = أهلاً = Welcome = Bienvenido = Accueil = Benvenuto = ยินดีต้อนรับ = Willkommen = 歓迎 = καλωσόρισμα = добропожаловать = dialu-alukan = 환영 = welkom = maligayangpagdating = आपकास्वागतहै = 欢迎 = välkommen = bem-vindo = fáilteroimh = добредошъл = добродошао = dialu-alukan

Ahlan is a non-profit foundation aims to clear misconceptions by spreading knowledge– Ahlan Foundation has been founded in Cairo, Egypt in 2011 and has developed and grown ever since to include different activities that serve our main inspiration.

Ahlan Inspiration

Differences in races was the main cause of discriminations and social injustice over centuries, people tended to accept& build a rapport with others who are similar in shape, color &standards and to expel anyone who is different just for being unintentionally different. This tight understanding of diversity of creation has led to an immense number of atrocities and bloodshed all over history of mankind.

And while the entire world witnessed the affliction of racism & Tribalism, The message of Islam emerged from the most sacred place on Earth (Mecca) with the most glorious inspiration ever descended to the entire human being….

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah (God) is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah (God) is Knowing and Acquainted.[ Quran 49:13 ]


The first worldwide message to be propagated for all places and all times, that your diversity is a cause of contemplation & observation, is a sign of greatness of the creator of this universe,&is a must for your prosperity & continuity This creator who meant to make you different in genetics and in livelihood conditions but to be all the same toward the purpose of this life.

This is the main essence of the message of the last prophet sent to the human beings Muhammed “Peace & blessing be upon him” as he said:

Verily Allah does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your heart and to your deeds.


Out of these invaluable messages, we (Ahlan) are seeking all human beings white, Black, rich ,poor , from north ,south, east or west. It’s a lifetime quest to deliver you the message of Islam which has meant to purify the hearts& deeds of all men & women.



Our Vision

To be a renowned organisation that dovetails into existing “Islam” definitional efforts, while at the same time enhancing the effectiveness of those efforts .


Our Mission

  • Refuting misconceptions about Islam.
  • Sharing Islamic truths with people, to counter its false portrayal by ignorant or ill-meaning entities.
  • Calling to the path of God with wisdom and good advice.
  • Building bridges of communication and understanding with other faiths.
  • Spreading the message of Islam with online authenticated resources and free Islamic books.
  • Educating Muslims of the proper Islamic theology and methodology to serve as a defence against terrorism, extremism, misconception and antipathy.
  • Extending sincere help and support to Reverts as well as anyone interested to know about Islam.
  • Opening a channel for Muslims to participate in conveying the message of Islam.