The Ahlan Bookcase Project’s aim is to change the perceived image about Islam in the minds of foreigners.

The bookcases are strategically located at some of Egypt’s top historical sites holding free Islamic books, authenticated by Al-Azhar, and translated into more than 40 languages.

The project is an effort to explain Islam and its principals simply and comprehensively, thereby conveying its true message to readers who seek to know the truth and/or learn more about it.

Book titles include: Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Women in Islam, numerous other titles.

The bookcases are manned by Ahlan’s team of volunteers, who receive weekly training sessions, enabling them to handle tourists’ inquiries about Islam.

Current Locations of Our Bookcases

The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
Also known as the Alabaster Mosque (Arabic: مسجد محمد علي) is a mosque, which is situated inside the Citadel of Cairo in Egypt, commissioned by Muhammad Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848.


The Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Mosque

It is an early 14th century mosque at the Citadel in Cairo, Egypt. It was built by the Mamluk sultan Al-Nasr Muhammad in 1318 as the royal mosque of the Citadel, where the sultans of Cairo performed their Friday prayers. The mosque is located across the street from the courtyard access to the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.


The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As

A mosque (Arabic:جامع عمرو بن العاص‎), also known as the Mosque of Amr, was originally built in 642 AD, as the center of the newly-founded capital of Egypt, Fustat. The original structure was the first mosque ever built in Egypt, and by extension, the first mosque in the continent of Africa. It can be seen in what is known today as “Old Cairo”. It is an active mosque with a devout congregation, and when prayers are not taking place, it is also open to visitors and tourists.


Al-Azhar Mosque

(Arabic:الجامع الأزهر‎ al-Gāma` al-Azhar, “the mosque of the most resplendent”) is a mosque in Islamic Cairo, Egypt. Al-Mu‘izz li-Dīn Allāh of the Fatimid Caliphate commissioned its construction for the newly established capital city in 970. It was the first mosque established in Cairo, a city that has since gained the nickname “the city of a thousand minarets.” Al-Azhar University has long been regarded as the foremost institution in the Islamic world for the study of Sunni theology and sharia (Islamic law).


مسجد محمد علي

مسجد الأزهر, الدرب الأحمر, محافظة القاهرة‬, مصر

عمرو بن العاص, مصر القديمة, محافظة القاهرة‬, مصر


  • Periodical seminars/sermons: Ahlan provides periodical seminars tackling different topics, and for different audiences, from non-muslims to new muslims and everything in between. Please follow our events Facebook page to stay updated about timings & places of our seminars.
  • “What is Islam?” Seminar for foreigners: A seminar that Ahlan is prepared to present on request. It explains Islam’s beliefs; who Muslims worship, what they believe the Quran to be, the prophets they believe in, what it has in common with other religions, as well as basic principles of Islam and its rulings. It also answers questions such as; what does Islam say about humanity? What is its perception of the individual? What is its stance on freedom of religion? Etc. Request a “what is Islam” seminar.
  • “How to present Islam ” Training course for new members : A free course for volunteers to help them introduce Islam in simple and effective sentences and to answer the most common questions and misconceptions about Islam while at the same time enhancing their communication and language skills.


Ahlan Magazine

It’s an Arabic magazine from youth to youth that aims to reach out to the Muslim society at large & engage them. It strives to raise awareness of the importance of educating the world about the true message of Islam. At the same time it tries to prompt a deeper personal understanding of the beauty of Islam and revive Islam’s ethics & code of conduct among Muslims.




Islamic Consultation

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