Break The Chains Campaign



Have you ever felt that your appearance is so chronically observed by other people? That your body is always, always on display for others, always up for evaluation, so you better keep an eye on it too!

Have you ever stopped to think how much time, energy, and money you spend to look pretty?

Did you ask WHY?

Is it because you really want this! Or because there are some other people who keep bombarding our minds with these 3 messages over and over, and over again;

1. Beautiful is the most important, most powerful thing a girl or a woman can be.

2. This is what beauty looks like (Britney Spears for example)

3. Most probably you don’t look like this.

Leaving us with a continuous demand to be something that’s `ordinarily rare by making it look as if it’s typical or average.

But, Who Put the Rules?

Is it those who only care about their annual revenues?

Or ……………….?

Think about it!


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